More Padlock Ranch Ben Means Stock Dog Clinic


Everyone gathering the first morning.  Ben speaking to everyone before they get started.

Thank you Vickie Line for the great homemade cookies and goodies for break time.

Ben and Foreman Tony Line working one of the specialized crossbred dogs Tony raises.

Above left Vickie Line working a young Line bred dog.  Right, Tom works a litter mate.

Thanks to Jerry Howard for bringing the sheep.

Jerry Howard and one of his Kelpies.

Padlock Ranch CEO/President Wayne Fahsholtz encourages the use of good cow dogs.  That's one of his dogs featured on the cover of the  book 2000 Ranch Dog: A Tribute to the Working Dog of the American West by Marianne Murdock, Photographs by Nancy Burgess.  Essays, stories, poetry and photos. Published by Willow Creek Press.


Lucas Line's Tap dog above left.  Right, Morgan Line, Lucas' wife, working another littermate to Vickie and Tom's dogs.  these pups are under a year of age.

Vickie Line working her young dog on calves.


Rod Ross, local rancher, with his 4 year old Border Collie.

Brent Winter with his dogs bred by the Lines.

Ben had to break out the heavy line and collar when he worked Tony Line's nice Border Collie female.

Ben helping Les Nunn with his Border Collie.

Les Nunn's son Declan helps sort the calves.

Lucas Line uses his good dog Tap, 3/4 Border Collie x 1/4 McNab, to load the cattle.

More hands make things go faster.  Everyone pitches in to breakdown after the clinic ends.

Padlock Ranch Bunkhouse.


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