Perfect Stock Dog Happenings

Casey and Julie Rindal of Paul's Valley, Oklahoma

It was chilly with snow still on the ground Friday the 6th when Casey and Julie stopped in to pick up "Bess" on their way to John and Karen Tate's in Seneca, Missouri.  Chili, hot coffee and hot chocolate took the edge off in between working dogs.

Ben working "Bonnie", Shawn Walters female.  Casey and Ben talking dogs.

This is what we woke up to Dec 5th!

Thank goodness for dogs that will go the distance, especially early morning.

Leslie could stay at the barn while Sling brought them in.

Yes, that is ice coating the barbwire.

Ben fixed the horses this morning too!  Hotwire around the hay bales.  That's a 7.7 reading on his little tester.  You can't see the

big smile on his face!

Br-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r. This is what we woke up to Dec 4th!

The freezing rain they promised last week arrived this week.

That's ice on them 'there bushes!

Of course, considering our winter experiences (Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa,

Illinois and Missouri), we are smiling all the way to the barn!

Casey Rindal's "Bess" working that

morning before the freezing rain. 

Ben's Kate dog had a good time too.

Pictured doing what she loves best!

A Blessed Thanksgiving!

The bad weather didn't come.  We had mild temps and sunshine.  We checked all the surrounding pastures.  Not sure how we figured the turkey and trimmings would get used up on horseback!  Keeper is checking out a big den!  And this time it's Ben's horse, "Skyball" enjoying a good roll!

Slingshot bringing them on.

We rode half a section checking cows and yearlings our last full day of high 60's and

sunshine the weekend before Thanksgiving before it turned off cold with predicted ice.

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