Visitors, Dogs and Horses

Ronnie and Wardell Yates of Kevil, KY

Wardell loaded up and came with brother Ronnie on Friday the 9th to pick up Ronnie's "Jazz" who was in training.  Ben, Wardell and Ronnie worked dogs, talked dogs, watched what video Ben had taken of the RRCDA Classic last weekend.  They did take a few minutes out to eat lunch.

Right is (l-r) Ben, Wardell and Ronnie.  The dog is Ronnie's "Jazz."

Ed H made another run for airplane parts Friday so he loaded up some dogs and stopped by late afternoon.  Lower left Ben watching Ed work Rose and lower right 6month old Dollie.

Neighbor Mike Kessel stopped in on a colt he's breaking for a client.

He and Ben visited while all the horses did too.

Todd, Michelle, Grace and Addy Small of Welch, OK

The week is off to a great start.  We slipped over to the Small's on Wednesday the 7th to see their "Cattlemaster" work.  Todd used a Border Collie and a Cattlemaster (see old issue of Stockdogs Magazine with description) to handle his cattle.  He's now running Corientes.  He lost the Border Collie a short while ago and the Cattlemaster is doing a great job handling things.

We hauled Ben's Kate and Keeper.  Michelle is a photographer and will be opening up a studio in their home.  She's been busy this year with senior photos.  Grace and Addy, 3 and 2, make great subject material for mom.

We slipped on home because Ed Hamersley was en route back from Tulsa to pick up airplane parts.

Todd working his dog above.  Far left Todd and Addy, Michelle with Grace and Kate turning them.

Ed Hamersley, Walker, MO

Ed stopped in on a parts run to pick up Susie and Queen.  He and Ben worked dogs, then talked dogs and watched a bit of the Classic weekend on video while eating a sandwich.

Ben working Queen for Ed right.

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