Laura drops in, Family Cookout

Laura Stimatze of

Macksville, Kansas

Laura Stimatze, Stimatze Working Cow Dogs, stopped in Saturday night the 19th on her way to her folks the Bob Buckman's over at West Plains, Missouri.  We were sure tickled to have her here.  She and Ben worked some dogs, came in to cool off, went back out and worked more dogs.

We burnt the late night oils with the promise to have Laura up in good time to get to her folks by noon.  Ben and Leslie

whispered and tippy-toed around first thing in the morning thinking they'd let Laura sleep in a few more minutes.  Heck, she was up, loaded, letting us sleep a few more minutes :>))

Below Ben and Laura head out to the calf lot with "Lena."  Sun's going down and they're still talking dogs.


Family Sunday Cook-out July 20th.  It was a grand day.

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