Stockdog Training DVDs. The Perfect Stock Dog Training Program.

Ranch dogs, cowdogs. Herding cattle, sheep, goats, ducks.

Training DVDs and Book

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart..."

Ben working an outside Border Collie.

~ "The Perfect Stock Dog" DVD ~

Training DVD using a Border Collie on cattle, approx. 2 hours, $35.00

In the Perfect Stockdog training DVD, Ben takes you step by step, day 1 through 30 of his training program.  He teaches a solid stop, flanks, there, walk-up and inside flanks moving systematically from a small rectangular pen to the pasture.  He starts a dog quietly and effectively with a slip collar and rope.  In this tape he uses cattle start to finish.

When you grasp the beauty of Ben's training philosophy and technique, and are able to apply it to your own dog, you will have a dog that breaks out nicely, stops on command, knows what "easy" means as well as "get out."

Some folks believe he starts out teaching a drive.  He does not.  He starts out teaching the dog, "Down, stop, whoa, come by, away to me, there, get out, easy, walk up and that'll do." Your finished product will be able to use these commands to fetch or drive.  This is a pretty intensive training program.  Your dog must be old enough, have work and "want to."  It doesn't matter what type of stock you use to train with - sheep, goats, cattle.

How your dog works in a small pen or on 100 acres is the same.  Ben believes in starting them right with a concrete foundation on which to build with working experience.

We receive many comments from individuals about how they have been able to start their dogs by following this tape step by step.  Put a solid foundation on your dog that will enable you to make the most of your "Perfect Stock dog."

Ben working an outside Border Collie.

~ "The Rookie" Tape ~

Training DVD using a Kelpie, ducks

to cattle, approx. 1 1/2 hours, $22.50

In "The Rookie" training video, Ben starts a Kelpie day 1 through 15 of his "Perfect Stock Dog"  training program. While this training video is similar to his "Perfect Stock Dog" video, it is not as detailed.  He starts with ducks and moves on to cattle.

This DVD has been our second best seller.  While detailed, this video is not as thorough as "The Perfect Stock Dog."

Talking dogs, what else?

The Perfect Stock Dog Training Book

20 page paperback, photos and text, 1976, $7.00

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Our training video is "homemade."  The resolution quality is not that of "store bought", however, the content more than makes it up.  If you are serious about using and/or trialing your dog, this is a basic training program with which you can be successful.

We thank you for your interest and your purchase.

                                                Ben and Leslie


GREG HIGHSMITH'S CD.  Greg Highsmith's long awaited CD.  Leslie (with Ben's input, of course) designed the cover.  It's very well done and Greg can sing.  If you are interested in ordering a copy, all proceeds go to the Cowboy Junction Christian School, contact the church at 918-256-4180.  CD's are $15 each.  Greg is the 1994 International Champion Auctioneer.



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