Rangeline Border Collies

Selecting from cattle working lines.  Serious, low-tailed

dogs only.


"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart..."







Rangeline has a limited breeding program.

Call now to get your name on the puppy list.

Occasionally a half-grown prospect and

once in awhile a started yearling.

Please check back or give us a call.


Lena ABC 221801



Border Collie black/white, smooth-coated, June 1, 2002 female bred by Ed Mattke, Dalton's Mutt ABC 168787 x Rose ABC 120101.  Lena is a tall, leggy head-hunter.  Good attitude, extremely intelligent, works upright. Heels a little.  A nice size female at around 40 pounds.



Patch ABC 221801




More information on Miss Patch soon.


SOLD 2007 - Hunter ABC 274931

Border Collie male, tri-color, smooth-coated, February 2005, bred by John Tate. Hammer ABC 247859 x Ruby ABC 206792.  Hunter is a nice young male who was working early.  Ben bought him at about 9 months and he was broke by 1 year.  This young dog's biggest "problem" is he wants to get in and mix it up right now.  Ben smiles as he keeps his thumb on him.  He's producing nice pups.


Colt ABC 250755

Border Collie male, red/white, smooth-coated, August 21, 2004, David Stark's Rowdy ABC 66918 x Rick Cole's Hermine ABC 210928. Colt is a tall, leggy pup. Right now he is showing all heel.  Plenty of herd and want to. 

This is Leslie's first Border Collie.  Colt weighs in around 45 pounds.  He has a good attitude, minds well, eager to work.


Rangeline Doubleshot  NAAKR A01297



Australian Kelpie Black/tan May 1998 male, La Prele X Slingshot x Hamersley's Kate.  Leslie's Double is a big stand up dog.  Loose-eyed.  He can cover the ground in a hurry, lots of stamina, intense work.  Hits both ends.  A good size male around 50 pounds.



Hamersley's Keeper  NAAKR K01035


Australian Kelpie Red/tan September 1997 male, Buchanan US Jake x McManus' Pistol Too.  Leslie's Keep is a Buchanan / *Karrawarra / Shotgun cross.  Free, easy moving and handling dog with free hard heel bite, some head bite.  One person dog.  Nice large muscular male weighing around 52 pounds.


Hamersley's Kate NAAKR B00226

La Prele X Slingshot NAAKR K00293

Kelpie Black/tan November 1992 female, Rose River Jed x Rose River Little Sue.  Kate was a three way *Winona Matt cross with some Sagebrush Hipshot.  She was a tough dog with all the go power and free hard bite to move all types of cattle.  Strong head dog.  Ben kept his "thumb" on her at all times.  Well, once in awhile he let her go full-throttle.  She was a good size female weighing in at around 50 pounds. Double is out of her 1998 litter with Sling.  Kate died in March 2005.

Kelpie Red/tan May 1994 male, Gold Star Red Sunrise x Sagebrush's Blue Lady.  Sling is a doublebred Hipshot / *Clovaville x *Scoriochre cross.  A very strong dog with plenty of style, no back-down and plenty of cast.  He is quick to respond to commands, keeps everything settled giving Leslie time to think.  He will bite, though not quick about it. We've noticed as he's aged that he bites quicker.  Strong head dog, will heel.  He is an average size male weighing around 43 pounds.  Sling died late November 2006.


Rangeline has a limited breeding program.  We are dedicated to producing a quality working Border Collie and produce a couple litters every year.  (We no longer breed Australian Kelpies.)  Reservations are taken with non-refundable deposits. Dogs are selected for strong work characteristics and free, hard bite on cattle.


We take a select number of outside dogs (Border Collies) for training.  30 - 45 days.  $360 / 30 days.  You must make transportation arrangements of the dog to and from our place.  Our definition of a started dog is one that has all his commands on him by 30 - 45 days, depending on the dog's aptitude, obeys those commands, and has been trained on cattle.  We also use goats in training, so your dog would certainly be able to work either sheep or cattle.

Call ahead to place your name on Ben's waiting list.  918-784-2643


We occasionally have started dogs for sale (Border Collies) and take a select number of outside dogs (Border Collies) for training.  We also have The Perfect Stock Dog Training Program, if you wish to train your own dog.


Initial e-mail inquiries for availability, pricing and fees are welcome.  For actual bid or purchase of a dog, please contact us by phone.  We do prefer first time stock dog buyers plan to visit us in person.


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