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His Glorious Sunrise

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January - February 2010 - God's glorious sunrise in NE Oklahoma.  Our second snow of the winter was also a blizzard (for our neck of the woods), New Year's Eve. Ben still has the wood stove smokin'.  We're already off to a grand start for the year.  Sold a few left over lambs at Diamond, Missouri - Ben thought he hit the big time as they sold for almost double what he was expecting.  Training dogs are coming and going.  Get your name on Ben's list.  He's cut back the number of outside dogs again he's taking.  Geez, does he think he's retired or something?  And another great grandbaby arrived!

Thanks to all of you who voted for our Cowboy Junction School to get them in the running for the US Cellular $100,000.  We are on pins and needles waiting to hear if we stayed in the top 10 and will receive the money.

Stay safe, keep warm, Ben and Leslie

Ben and Dan, Lena's replacement while she's on maternity leave, watering the training calves.

Above left, Danny Farris of Kentucky picks up Shep. Thanks Danny for your understanding and patience in waiting for Ben to recover from his injury to train Shep.  Above right, Colton Hess (left) and buddies, Anson and Big Colton cut, hand split and hauled us a load of firewood.  Colton, you are appreciated.  Your thoughtfulness kept us cozy and warm during that bitter stretch of weather.

See, that firewood paid off - even the house critters appreciated it!

Yes, all of us enjoyed snoozing by the fire!  Right, William  Fullbright almost 3 months old!  He's settled right into being the third member of the team with mom and dad.  Dad Matt Fullbright and Mom Dr. Elizabeth Fullbright

Above left Brother Bernard and Sister Donna Sue.  Bernard and Ben took their baby sister out to dinner in Springfield, Missouri on her birthday. Center our handsome Grandson Dustin with his brand new son Brayton.  Right Great-Grandaughter Avery with her very first horse from Grandad and Meemaw. 

Lena's puppies are here born late January.  They're eyes are open and they are fat as toads.

Above left we met Dr. Bill and son Riley (check out Riley's new belt buckle) Ormston at Clanton's in Vinita for lunch.  They were making the rounds before heading back to Texas.  Above right, Buddy Ed Hamersley, Walker, Missouri and Ben chatting after swapping dogs in Joplin, Missouri.

Ben and Bill checking out his Chyro-ryde western saddle interface (blanket).  These two cowboys think alike.  Ben had put together a not so sophisticated version back in the 60's for his horses.  Check Bill's cool blanket out at

Left, the left over lambs we sold at White's in Diamond, Missouri in January.


Matt Fullbright was looking after neighbor Mike Kessel's cattle while they were out of town.  Matt had Ben come help him load out calves - our roads were so bad with freeze boils - something they don't often see down here. They had to pull this semi out at the loading chute.  He made it - this is him on his way out to the highway.

Brad Ledbetter, Missouri, brought Sissy over for training first of February.  Ben giving her a try.  Yep, this was right after our third big snow.  Ben's talking about moving further south, like Big Cabin (just south of Vinita) for the winter!

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