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looked pretty clean before the wild cow milking!

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June - August 2010 - Whew!  We thought we were cruising along this summer - just enough rain, hot enough.  We've been breaking the triple digits the last part of July and first part of August.  Ben gets out early to work dogs.  Then he shades up until it starts to cool off in the evening.

A big thanks to all of you who have brought your dogs for training this summer.  We know it was hot or hotter where you live.  The Pennebaker's from California made a special stop to see us enroute to family in SE Missouri. 

Our son and family were here over July 4th. Our great nephew and his new bride came over for a visit. 

All of you who have stopped by to say hi are appreciated.

We're not sure where the summer went.  It started with Ivan and Kylie's (great nephew) wedding the end of May, Dad's Day in Pawhuska, cowboy wedding, neighborhood calf fry and family over the 4th, ranch rodeo, county fairs in August.  The big Tulsa State Fair will be here in September as will the AVCA certification examinations.  Sometime in between the State Fair and exams the brothers will head for Colorado.  Little brother Ben is thinking a pup tent will be just the thing this year.  Check back to find out what big brother Bernard thought.

Happy Trails, Ben and Leslie

Above Ben working Pete for Brent Bruner.

Right Karly and Braden came with dad to take Pete home to Cushing, OK.

Cowboy Wedding - Oklahoma Style.  The bride arrived in a b-i-g shiny pickup.  Presenting Wayne and Cuchara Mueller, Welch, Oklahoma. Wayne owns and operates Cabin Hills Hunting Adventures. Besides regular hunts, he has youth and handicapped facilities.

Above a bazillion birds flew in, out and around the house. Tiny was in the office on patrol.  Left Dad's Day in Pawhuska at the Ben Johnson Memorial Steer Roping was old home week with Oliver Woolman and Greg Highsmith.

Cowboy Junction Men's Ministry tried their hand at restoring a modern-day covered wagon.

Above left Stoney Humble, the Grasshopper Poster Guy.  Right Brian Weaver, Copan, Oklahoma, picks up Bull.

Above Jim Bailey and son, Missouri, stop by to give a young dog a try.  Right newlyweds Ivan and Kylie Mareth, Joplin, Missouri stop in to visit Uncle Ben and see him work dogs.

Ben checking out the sheep at the county fair.  Sheep checking out Ben. That "muzzle" is to keep them from eating the wood shavings.

Above Tiny putting up with my picture taking. Right Randy and Kelly Pennebaker and sons stop by from California with yummy fruit to share. Randy ranches and uses Border Collies.

Above Ben visits with Kurt Ray and daughter, Missouri when they left their Border Collie Susie
for training. Right the peach king of Oklahoma lives here.  Ben's peach tree produced enough to have peaches every day for a couple weeks plus share with several friends. They WERE the best tasting peaches.

Above Deputy Sheriff Jack Woodall at the ranch rodeo. Right storm rolling in.

The men of Means setting up the tent.

Women of Means taking it down.  The marshmallows were yummy.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Smores!

Look close - it's a double rainbow!

Friend John Tate, Seneca, Missouri really took good care of our ram.  He literally had him eating out of his hand - all the way to the pickup.

Karen Tate with 2 of her favorite ewes - mother and daughter. Above Lily Kessel with our favorite future cowboy Will Fullbright.

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