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Eric Wanman and Rodney Hopwood came for a visit in November. They were able to stay a little longer than usual - we had a blast.  Watch for them at the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale.

  • Put a solid foundation on your stockdog in 30 to 45 days

  • Understand the meaning of the word "trained"

  • Easy to understand - Ben takes you day-by-day to train your livestock dog

  • Over 45 years of experience comes to you in "The Perfect Stock Dog" Training Video

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October 2008 - January 2009 - WOW, Happy New Year!!!!  We're expecting our first great-grandkid. It's a milestone though we don't consider the age factor in.  We think the 60's are the new 40's for sure J.  2008 was one of those years - Ben stayed even and ahead, Leslie got behind with web info and office work.  Amy Hess hired on as fulltime AVCA secretary in October.  She's helping things get squared away so that Leslie has a more normal schedule.  The cool part is that Amy and her family belong to Cowboy Junction too and are part of the youth ministry.  We can't let 2008 come to a close without thanking all of you who purchased training videos and books, hired Ben to train your dogs, bought dogs and puppies, stopped by or telephoned.  We've posted a few pictures that got taken the last part of 2008.  Leslie was so tied up in the office that we missed getting shots of most of our visitors.  Ben is spending the end of January lambing.  His Katahdins are a hardy bunch.  So far he's only bottle fed a couple lambs their first or second meal, and they were ready to go. Wishing all of you all the promises and blessings of 2009, Ben and Leslie

Dog traders - Ben met Glenn Guttridge and Steve Sturtz in southern Oklahoma to swap dogs in December.  He was able to slip in a visit to Paul Gilbert at Tishimngo, OK too.

John Gilman, Missouri, stopped in for a visit on his way back through after picking up a dog.

Laura Stimatze (center), Pat Christensen (right) and Laura's mom and sister stopped by to say hi.  The girls had a fun girls only weekend in the Branson area of Missouri in October.  Of course, they managed to squeeze in a little "horse shopping" on the side.

Above Dr. William Ormston lectures at the recent AVCA conference near Atlanta, Georgia.  Right - AVCA secretaries Amy Hess and Tonya Nix catching their flight with Leslie to head out for the conference.  They were gone the last week of October and first part of November.  They did have a good time at the Legacy Lodge Resort on Lake Lanier Islands.  Below left, Leslie and the equestrian manager, Beth Pedaggi got to ride one morning.

Above right, Kris Schmidt at the Little Rock Zoo Elephant pen.  Leslie was able to slip down to Bill and Kris' for a visit the first part of December.

Above Ben is checking out Tiger the "Spider" (all legs) on cattle.  Tiger is 3/4 Border Collie and is approximately 9 months old.

More zoo pictures.  Left - Bill and Kris with "Mary" a 58 year old Indian elephant.  Above right Bill scratches a black rhino male who kicked his rear leg like a dog when you found the "right spot."

Above - Rodney Hopwood, Ed Hamersley and Eric Wanman.  Ed got some cows up with his dogs.  Right is a true genius.  One of the things I appreciate about Ben is his ability to create, replicate, invent time-saving, worthwhile, useable resources out of someone else's disposals.  His new "medicine bottle" for sheep drenching.  It works great and holds the amount he wants.

Perch has her own personal masseuse.  Right is the youngest grandson, Joseph (Memphis, TN) over the Christmas holiday.  Grandma Mary and husband Norm look on.

Left Ben and Bob Shufflebotham, Welch, OK going over Tank's training.  Above the men's ministry got a lot of work done in November, but had to cancel in December and January due to the weather.

Above left Mike, Wilma and Norman (Noel, MO) poise for Leslie.  We bought 4 nice bred ewes from them over Christmas.  Above right the Little Cat thinks she's hit it big time.  She made her strike but the pheasant flew up just as she got there.  Didn't stop her she followed him anyway.  Left one of His spectacular November sunrise's.


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