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Left:  Ben at the Lindley Prairie Cemetery, Missouri on Memorial Day. His parents and other family members are buried there.

February - May 2009 - It's hard to believe we're halfway through this year. Thank you tor those who called to check on us since it's been that long since the last time we added pictures and an update.  Ben's been kept busy lambing and working dogs. He's organized informational meetings this spring for landowners in this part of Oklahoma and Kansas so they would be informed as the power company puts in a high power transmission line through all of us. Ben is still limiting it to 4 outside dogs at a time. That's his idea of retirement. So get your name on the list ahead of time.  Big news for the first of the year was the birth of the first great grandchild, Avery Kelly, in February.  Leslie had a real perk when friend, Maria Lawson flew down from Calgary, Alberta to work with her for almost 2 weeks in April. Maria is the past executive director of the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board. They got to have a little "girl time" too. Those of you who have brought dogs, thank you very much for continued support.  Folks, those who bring dogs for training, telephone to ask questions or just visit, those who visit our web site, or those who just keep good thoughts for us - all of you are appreciated. Have a blessed day, Ben and Leslie


Above left Cowboy Junction's Men's Ministry continues to give assistance to the elderly and single mother households.  Above right the biggest news of the year - Miss Avery Kelly was born.  Our first great grandbaby!  L - R Proud "Grandma" Gwen, Great Grandpa Ben and first-time Mom Jenny.

Ben rallied the landowners (Oklahoma and Kansas) scheduling an informational meeting at the Welch Civic Center this April to give landowners necessary information about high power transmission line property acquisitions and the landowner rights.  There were well over 100 persons in attendance.  He followed up with another well-attended meeting with attorneys and land acquisition appraiser in May.


We said goodbye to Miss Perch, left, February 1993 - April 2009. This one was hard as she wasn't "sick", but had a bout with a tick-borne bacterial infection which caused weakness in the rear-end.

Right "Oscar", owned by the Stoney Humble family, Bluejacket, gets a hoof trimming.  Oscar, a rescue by their daughter when he was just born, has been raised with the dogs and thinks he is one.

Left Danny Logan, Oklahoma, picked up Rudy.  Above Ben snapped this shot of early morning playtime.  The lambs (Katahdins) think they are big stuff.

Small group started back up.  We started out with Pastor Rick Warren's 40 Days of Love study.

Above left Ben and Colton Hess are getting ready to geld Jeffro.  Leslie and Chic back in from an early morning check of the pasture.

Left Ben working the ram lambs.  Above Maria Lawson, Calgary, Alberta, Ben and Leslie.  Maria flew down to share her organizational and management expertise with Leslie a couple weeks in April.

Above - Dr. Elizabeth Fullbright, Cross 7 Veterinary Clinic, stitches up a young client's best buddy.  Right a serious contestant at the 3L Rodeo, Big Cabin, Oklahoma.  Folks, if you're passing through on Saturday night, stop in on this terrific youth rodeo.  Les and Tanya Boatwright and crew put on rodeos and various clinics for young folks.

Above Ben and Big Goat (he's the only goat left) purvey their kingdom :>))  Above right Ben is drying a newborn.  Right Ben repairing high wind damage this spring to the house.

Above a 2006 photo of Jim Farnham, Arizona, and Leslie. The cow dog world has lost several of its best this year.  Jim left us in March. John Hearnsberger, Louisiana, and Cotton Wartchow, Oklahoma passed away in May.  A little more info is on  Right Ben and Dub Richardson, Missouri, visit when Dub and Judy came over to pick up their Border Collie, Pete.

Owen Lyon, Texas, brought up Brin (Glenn Guttridge bred) female for Ben to work.

Gerald and Carol Wehmeyer, Coffeyville, Kansas pick up their Border Collie.  They run cow/calves and Elk !  They run a hunting lodge for Elk right there in Kansas near the Oklahoma state line.  You can also run dogs on coyotes.  Check them out at


Storm season in Oklahoma.  Leslie shot this while we were in the car.  The clouds kept on going. It had "wisps" but nothing formed that touched the ground.

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