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L.R. Alexander and Ben cuttin' up while Lena brings in the training calves.

February - April 2008 - Bet you thought we weren't ever gonna change the home page pictures.  Seems like we've already squeezed several months into these 3.  The AVCA and Registry offices received new paint and flooring.  That was one of our biggest hurdles.  In fact the Registry offices aren't yet completed.  We had our bouts with achy flu and colds - seemed like they didn't go away. And the weather/winter never ended.  April has brought s-h-o-w-e-r-s.  It's soggy and muddy.  There are "low water bridges" where we haven't had them before!  So many of you have stopped in to visit, brought dogs for training and picked them up. All are appreciated.  Forgive us if you don't see your picture or name.  We've helped with the AVCA spring certification examinations and even made it up to Gordon and Pat Christiansen's in Durham, Kansas for their annual cow dog trial.  We saw some really good dogs.  You can

read more about that at  A few of you and/or your dogs are pictured.  Ed Hamersley (MO), L.R. Alenxander (MO), Eric Wanman (ID), Nicole Rhodes (IN), Dustin Evans (OK), Jim Etling (TX), Glenn Guttridge (TX), Steve Sturtz (TX).

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Meet "Newt."  He arrived from Glenn Guttridge in February - it was snowy and cold, but he had 5 star accommodations as you can see.  By April he's doing his thing.

Above left, Ed (Hamersley) and Ben did some dog swapping.  Ed has Angel (Hunter x Patch).  Above right, Ben and Scooter feeding a lamb.  We had snowy weather into March.

Miss Patch stops 'em in their tracks.  Patch is a broke 5 year old female.  She's a nice dog.  Pleasant to be around, full of work and go.  She does favor the heel, but will head when necessary.

Above our friend Matt Fullbright at a recent Buck Brananman clinic.  Right, our friend Eric Wanman, Buhl, ID was down for a visit to L.R.'s and here.  Eric went through Colorado and brought Chad Kalma (Holly, Colorado) along.  Eric, a farrier by trade, donned Ben's shoeing chaps (a little short for him) and trimmed Mack and Chic's feet.  Thank you Eric!

Dustin Evans gives Cowboy (Hunter x Queen) a try before taking him home to Dry Gulch Ranch. Dustin bought Cowboy last year as a pup and brought him back for Ben to train.

The "kids" started coming the end of March.  "Girl" had triplets. Ben and neighbor Bill McHone talk after Ben cut his colt.

We drove up to Christiansen's Annual Cottonwood Crossing Trial at Durham, Kansas mid-April.

Above, Kenneth Beasley running his Open Dog, Hooch.  Below right, Gary Gehring (Iowa), Paul Gilbert (OK) and Laura Stimatze (KS) chat in between runs.

Left Nicole Rhodes, Indiana, and her Cottonwood Futurity dog Ink.  Nicole stopped by in March after the Stimatze clinic.  We enjoyed her visit and watching her Hanging Tree Cow Dogs work.

Above Ben works Bill Thomas' (El Reno, OK) "Rio" female.

Office got a new paint job and flooring in March.  The "office" was moved out to the living room and kitchen for a couple weeks.  Right, Steve Sturtz, San Angelo, TX and Glenn Guttridge, Gainesville, TX.  Ben drove down to Glenn's when Steve was there. Dog and tall story swappin' J

Our good friend Jim Etling stopped in for a visit on his way to a Leopard Dog trial east of St. Louis.

GREG HIGHSMITH'S CD.  Greg Highsmith's long awaited CD.  Leslie (with Ben's input, of course) designed the cover.    It's very well done and Greg can sing.  If you are interested in ordering a copy, all proceeds go to the Cowboy Junction Christian School, contact the church at 918-256-4180.  They are $15 each.  Greg is the 1994 International Champion Auctioneer.

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