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What a deal !  We went to the monthly flea market over by Afton, Oklahoma in November.  Ben hit the jackpot - a booth that said "Everything Free."

October - November 2007 - Where do the days go?  The time change really shortened our work day....or, made us get up earlier?  We're still confused.  Ben's kept busy training outside dogs, hauling in firewood, inspecting and fixing all those little things to get us ready for winter.  John and Karen Tate, Seneca, Missouri have been over a couple times.  Allen Sanders, Bluejacket, Oklahoma has been in and out and about.  He and Ben went to the OKC and Tulsa State Fair Cattle Dog Trials and leaving Thanksgiving weekend for Steve Sturtz's in San Angelo, Texas.  More dog trading.  Son Blaine, wife Karen and grandsons A.J. and Joseph got to visit in October.  Leslie spent a week in Houston the first part of November at the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association annual conference.  Everyone's been in and out, bringing and picking up dogs.  Bill Hannan, Trezevant, Tennessee and John and Misty Tutor, Demascus, Arkansas. Matt and Liz Fullbright purchased a place north of Vinita on Highway 2 for their Cross 7 Veterinary Clinic.  The big move was mid October.  Happy Veteran's and Thanksgiving Days !!  Safe travel.

Leslie and Keeper brought the goats up, Ben sorted and got them loaded with his handy-dandy chute.

Deer Season.  Check Station at Jerry and Twila Garrett's General Store in Bluejacket.  Local ladies group has a bake sale at the same location.  Yummmm.

Ben working John Tate's "Sky" early morning.

John and Misty Tutor drove over from Demascus, Arkansas to pick up a Hunter x Patch pup.  Their Westie gave the pups a run for their money.  Right - John taking home the nice white male pup.

Left - Patch pups see goats for first time.  Only 2 pups left.  Both black/white males.  Showing some work.  Above - Friend Allen Sanders hauled us gravel from his place to fill in around the dog pens.  Thanks Allen !

Neighbors and fellow church members, the Bill McHone family out for an evening ride before it cooled off.

Left Grandson Joseph and Miss Perch snuggle.  Above Meemaw and AJ saddle up.  AJ helped gather cattle from the pasture this year.

John Tate drove over to work dogs on a f-o-g-g-y morning before the state fair dog trials.

Ben worked the Tate Ranch Holstein Sale in mid-October.  That's him on the horse in the midst of the buyers. Part of the sale they drove through the alleyways and sold pens at a time.

It's that time of the year to batten down the hatches for winter.  Ben checking our rooftop, finishing touches on a wheelchair ramp the men's ministry built and loading up early morning to go help out at a neighboring ranch.  Below he loads an old fireplace insert to haul to the scrap yard.

Bill Hannan from Trezevant, Tennessee drove over with his young Border Collie.

Above - Abracadabra !  Ben does a switch and we have a Boer billy to turn in with the nannies.  Really, he and Cody Tullis, Welch, Oklahoma, did some goat trading again this year.

Left - Allen Sanders drove over with Steve and Vicky Bruner, all Bluejacket folks, to look at the Katahdins.  When Leslie took Keeper to the pasture, all he knew was that he was gonna go get something - he lined out on Allen and the Bruners.  True to form, he was only mildly surprised to find people and went right on past on a blind cast to gather the sheep.

John and Karen Tate drove over to pick up Sky and leave another dog for training.  Above Ben's brother Bernard came over to spend the day.  They're checking in with Keri Eskridge, AVCA Secretary.

Above left - office "cat in a box" as we pack for the AVCA annual conference in Houston.  Above right - Ms. Sharlotte Snedden getting boxes ready to ship - conference bags, logo clothing, informational brochures, and all that other good stuff.

Left - Dr. Don Howard (DVM - Oregon, Chair of the Certification Commission), Leslie, AVCA Secretary Keri Eskridge and Mrs. Maria Lawson, examination consultant.

Below - Dr. David Browning (Texas - Parker College of Chiropractic faculty) gives the opening lecture of the conference.  Over 200 in attendance.

Cross 7 Veterinary Clinic new location on Hwy 2 No of Vinita.  Right - Ben "supervises" Matt's sign painting.

GREG HIGHSMITH'S CD.  Greg Highsmith's long awaited CD.  Leslie (with Ben's input, of course) designed the cover.    It's very well done and Greg can sing.  If you are interested in ordering a copy, all proceeds go to the Cowboy Junction Christian School, contact the church at 918-256-4180.  They are $15 each.  Greg is the 1994 International Champion Auctioneer.

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