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December 2007 - Wow !  This year will be remembered as the year of ice storms.  We had a little of the January and February storms, but very little time without electricity and water.  This December one wreaked havoc on our corner of Oklahoma.  Our power went off in the wee hours of December 8th and came back on mid-afternoon December 16th.  Some folks have just now had theirs restored and others are still waiting.  Our outage was simply an "inconvenience" as we counted our blessings with a wood stove, propane water heaters, oil lamps and rural water.  We did suck it up a little on the 3rd or 4th day when the water stopped, but they had it running again by late afternoon.  Our neighborhood spent most of the time checking on each other.  Some had generators and when they could, shared them. To be honest, we had mixed emotions when the lights came back on.  Thanks to all who stopped in, called and sent cards this holiday season.  We appreciate you.

This is the first go-round of cleaning up broken branches in the dog area.  (No dogs were injured.).

The second and third go-round cutting the dogs out.

Ben sharpening his blades on the chain saw for the umpteenth time.  The dog runs on about the third day.  Pretty amazing.  The ice was at least 1/2 inch thick.

The alternator wasn't working on the tractor, so we were feeding square bales the first couple days.  Keep brought these pasture calves into the corral.  They weren't too far from the barn and corrals. Notice the grass - it was tubular ice.  Everything was getting sore footed and the dogs had a hard time getting around on it.  Everything had thick ice on it.  See the fence?

Well, a working dog has to kick back once in awhile.  Late night trip to meet Mark Bishop at a truck stop a couple hours away to pick up dogs.

Early to bed by oil lamp.  Natural light is the best for reading.  A battery radio with headphones works pretty good for news and entertainment.

Our small group family member Richard Ayres, his son Royce, and grandson Chad revved up their chain saws and went to work on the big tree by the dog pens. They got it trimmed and the wood cut.  Ben had the rest of the limbs and trees under control.  He's methodically working his way up the fence lines cutting and cleaning up fallen limbs and repairing fence.

Ben helping our study buddy Matt Fullbright with their vet clinic. Matt and Liz opened the vet clinic up to friends and neighbors to shower and bunk if they didn't have heat. Electricity at their clinic was on most of the time. Their home was out about 10 days. Leslie cooking with electricity once again.

GREG HIGHSMITH'S CD.  Greg Highsmith's long awaited CD.  Leslie (with Ben's input, of course) designed the cover.    It's very well done and Greg can sing.  If you are interested in ordering a copy, all proceeds go to the Cowboy Junction Christian School, contact the church at 918-256-4180.  They are $15 each.  Greg is the 1994 International Champion Auctioneer.

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