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2007 PSD Visitors

December 2007 - Wow !  This year will be remembered as the year of ice storms.  We had a little of the January and February storms, but very little time without electricity and water.  This December one wreaked havoc on our corner of Oklahoma.  Our power went off in the wee hours of December 8th and came back on mid-afternoon December 16th.  Some folks have just now had theirs restored and others are still waiting.  Our outage was simply an "inconvenience" as we counted our blessings with a wood stove, propane water heaters, oil lamps and rural water.  We did suck it up a little on the 3rd or 4th day when the water stopped, but they had it running again by late afternoon.  Our neighborhood spent most of the time checking on each other.  Some had generators and when they could, shared them. To be honest, we had mixed emotions when the lights came back on.  Thanks to all who stopped in, called and sent cards this holiday season.  We appreciate you.

October - November 2007 - Where do the days go?  The time change really shortened our work day....or, made us get up earlier?  We're still confused.  Ben's kept busy training outside dogs, hauling in firewood, inspecting and fixing all those little things to get us ready for winter.  John and Karen Tate, Seneca, Missouri have been over a couple times.  Allen Sanders, Bluejacket, Oklahoma has been in and out and about.  He and Ben went to the OKC and Tulsa State Fair Cattle Dog Trials and leaving Thanksgiving weekend for Steve Sturtz's in San Angelo, Texas.  More dog trading.  Son Blaine, wife Karen and grandsons A.J. and Joseph got to visit in October.  Leslie spent a week in Houston the first part of November at the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association annual conference.  Everyone's been in and out, bringing and picking up dogs.  Bill Hannan, Trezevant, Tennessee and John and Misty Tutor, Demascus, Arkansas. Matt and Liz Fullbright purchased a place north of Vinita on Highway 2 for their Cross 7 Veterinary Clinic.  The big move was mid October.  Happy Veteran's and Thanksgiving Days !!  Safe travel.

September 2007 - Wow, did we even have September?  Ben tracks the days better than Leslie.  The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association certification examinations were this month at NEO A&M College in Miami, Oklahoma.  That pretty much kept her in the office.  Everyone's been in and out, bringing and picking up dogs.  Denise Bever, LMT, our friend from Iowa was down for the exams.  She snapped a couple of pictures of happenings.  Hunter sold to Paul Schultes of South Dakota.  Wayne Carter, Claremore, OK picked up Crown.  Patches pups are being picked up. Friend Matt Fullbright's brother John released his first musical CD.  John is working for a music production company while in school.  He wrote, sang and played all the instruments. Thanks everyone for keeping us busy.  We stay out of trouble that way.

August 2007 - Hot, hot, hot and more flooding in Oklahoma and Missouri.  It went south of us and surprisingly, we needed the rain when it came.  The pond is low again.  It's been a different summer all over.  With the heat, Ben's only been taking a couple of outside dogs at a time.  Thanks to all our clients for their willingness to work around the weather.  Doesn't seem like things have let up in the office much this month, so we didn't get pics of all the happenings this month.  Here are a few highlights - Best of the Best Calf Roping where we saw lots of great friends and acquaintances - Ben got in a good visit with Mike Payne.  We also celebrated neighbor Bud Highsmith's birthday.

June, July 2007 - Wow, Pawhuska Dad's Day Steer Jerking, bush hogging, rotational grazing with Holsteins and more.  We have both been doing whatever gets the work done.  The big push for June and July in addition to our regular work was the church directory.  Whew that's a lot of work.  "We" agreed to put together the activity pages.  Ben's typing away so Leslie can work on graphics.  It's a two-man operation around here.  Thanks to all our customers and visitors this summer.  Work was so hectic in the office that Leslie couldn't get out to take many pictures.

May 2007 - was a busy month.  Much of the month was spent getting things done so we could leave for the clinic Ben was doing for Eric Wanman and Rodney Hopwood in Idaho the end of the month.  John Tate and Marvin Daniels (Missouri) stopped by for a visit and to work a dog or two.  Lots of good folks stopped b y.  Ben helped move cattle at the Tate ranch.

March-April 2007  Lots of visitors and happenings.  Puppies go home, ranch work and more.

February 2007  Steve Coon and Whip win at Winter Classic, Wyoming.  Dowl Thomas, Evening Shade, AR picks up Tyme, Don Beougher, Elk Falls, KS picks up Jill and drops off Spot.  Danny Shilling, MO stops in for a visit with Gustavo Dionisio, San Paul, Brazil.  Tommy Huddleston, DeQueen, AR picks up Ann. Kim and Bill Shandy, Okemah, OK, Steve Goins, Vinita, OK and Tonya Nix, Bluejacket, OK pick up puppies.  Ken Graves, Barlett, KS picks up Sammy.  Martin Sims, Hunstville, AR leaves Cliff and Roger and Summer Nunnally, Texas brought up their Glenn Guttridge female for training.

January 2007 - Brrrr, it was a cold one with a major ice storm.  We met the family for Christmas in Missouri right after the New Year.  New puppies - Hunter x Queen.  Queen is a full sister to Allen Sanders Bear dog and a half sister to his Max.  Glenn Christensen, Collinsville, OK brings up a couple of dogs to work.  Tommy Huddleston, DeQueen, AR came by with Ann.  Don Beougher, Elk Falls, KS brought Jill for training. Cold, cold, cold.

2006 PSD Visitors

December 2006.  Neighbors Jamie and Lisa Martin family have fun in the snow.  Lena has 7 pups by Hunter.  Allen Sanders brings Max over.  Casey Kelso, Broken Bow, OK comes up with Ty.  Dr. Shanie Cahill stops by to visit.  Kenny Graves, Bartlett, KS brings Sammy for training.  Dowl Thomas, Evening Shade, AR brings Tyme. Steve, Karen, Cody and Tally Coon, Torrington, WY pick up Whip.  We welcome in the new year at the neighbors barn dance.

October - November 2006.  Leslie lost La Prele X Slingshot, Australian Kelpie.  He was 12 1/2.  Don Hyler, Arkansas picked up Maggie.  Mark Bishop and Glenn drive up from Arkansas with dogs for training.  Brother Bernard drives over from Missouri to spend the day.  Allen Sanders brings over his pups.  AVCA Certification Examinations and Annual Conference.  Leslie sees Jim Farnham and Jerry and Darlene Sanborn in Scottsdale.  Matt and Liz go to St. Louis in the zippy car.  Ben the seamstress - tailor.  The backdoor tree is cut into fireplace wood.  SNOW.

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