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2009 PSD Visitors

Yep, it's almost Thanksgiving - our best wishes to you and your family for a blessed one.  We hope to get this page updated soon.

Summer - September 2009 - The highlight for us was our was our short September get-away to the mountains via Padlock Ranch, Dayton, Wyoming.  Thank you Wayne Fahsholtz, Padlock Ranch CEO, Tony and Vickie Line and Jerry Howard for having us, and giving us the red carpet treatment.  We both thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and the clinic itself. We spent the day after the clinic with our good friend, Dean Delp and family, Hardin, Montana.  Dean was able to make the first day of the clinic. Those of you who have brought dogs for training this summer, thank you.

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It was an honor to celebrate John and Karen Tate's (Seneca, Missouri) 40th wedding anniversary with their family and friends in July. Means relatives Theo and Sara Beth Kelly from Colorado stopped by while making a circle from Colorado to Texas to Missouri and home visiting relatives.  Sure seems like the days came and went in a hurry.  It's turned off cool this month and we've already seen 3 flocks (gaggles??) of Canadian Geese flying south.  Guess that means winter is around the corner.  Time to lay in fire wood. All of you are appreciated. Have a blessed day, Ben and Leslie

June - August 2009 - We've been so busy since May that we finally looked at the calendar and it's almost time for the stock dog clinic in Montana/Wyoming mid-September. We think we'll be right there north of Sheridan, Wyoming at Decker, Montana.  Call Ben for more info 918-784-2643.  Please check back to see pictures and summer updates.  Below is still the February - May info.  Heck, Maria (pictured below from an April visit) and Doug Lawson (Calgary, Alberta) are here for the AVCA certification exams this week.

February - May 2009 - It's hard to believe we're halfway through this year. Thank you tor those who called to check on us since it's been that long since the last time we added pictures and an update.  Ben's been kept busy lambing and working dogs. He's organized informational meetings this spring for landowners in this part of Oklahoma and Kansas so they would be informed as the power company puts in a high power transmission line through all of us. Ben is still limiting it to 4 outside dogs at a time. That's his idea of retirement. So get your name on the list ahead of time.  Big news for the first of the year was the birth of the first great grandchild, Avery Kelly, in February.  Leslie had a real perk when friend, Maria Lawson flew down from Calgary, Alberta to work with her for almost 2 weeks in April. Maria is the past executive director of the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board. They got to have a little "girl time" too. Those of you who have brought dogs, thank you very much for continued support.  Folks, those who bring dogs for training, telephone to ask questions or just visit, those who visit our web site, or those who just keep good thoughts for us - all of you are appreciated. Have a blessed day, Ben and Leslie

October 2008 - January 2009 - WOW, Happy New Year!!!!  We're expecting our first great-grandkid. It's a milestone though we don't consider the age factor in.  We think the 60's are the new 40's for sure J.  2008 was one of those years - Ben stayed even and ahead, Leslie got behind with web info and office work.  Amy Hess hired on as fulltime AVCA secretary in October.  She's helping things get squared away so that Leslie has a more normal schedule.  The cool part is that Amy and her family belong to Cowboy Junction too and are part of the youth ministry.  We can't let 2008 come to a close without thanking all of you who purchased training videos and books, hired Ben to train your dogs, bought dogs and puppies, stopped by or telephoned.  We've posted a few pictures that got taken the last part of 2008.  Leslie was so tied up in the office that we missed getting shots of most of our visitors.  Ben is spending the end of January lambing.  His Katahdins are a hardy bunch.  So far he's only bottle fed a couple lambs their first or second meal, and they were ready to go. Wishing all of you all the promises and blessings of 2009, Ben and Leslie

2008 PSD Visitors

August - September 2008 - Remembering our friend Harley Stewart, Ringling, Oklahoma 1945 - September 25, 2008. Son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend to many. Harley is remembered by his friends and family, truly in their hearts and minds.  Teacher, cattleman, hunter, statesman gives only a small insight to Harley. Summer seemed to wind down as fall winded up here at PSD.  Will Rogers Memorial Rodeo, AVCA exams, dog training, Ben's brother Bernard's 70th birthday and more.

July, First of August 2008 - It's been a busy summer with some ups and downs. We appreciate your calls, questions and training tape purchases. We want to remember our small group family members Bill and Mary Aldinger of Afton, Oklahoma who went home to the Lord the last of July. Folks, thank you for the training dogs you've brought. We saw a span of 100 degree days and lots of humid days.  Ben was up before daylight to work dogs. Many of you fared the heat to stop in to work dogs.  We had a fun 4th at the Vasquez calf fry with friends and neighbors. Seems like summer is soon turning into fall.  The kids in our neighborhood started school the first and second week of August.  The Will Rogers Memorial Rodeo is coming up the end of August and will also be a memorial this year to his nephews Bob and Clem McSpadden who passed away in July.

June 2008 - Wow, can't believe it's already July.  Wondering where June went. So many of you came by, dropped off dogs, picked up dogs, tried out dogs. You are appreciated.  June is one of Ben's favorite months - the Ben Johnson Memorial Steer Roping in Pawhuska, OK on Dad's day.  We pack up with food, water, sunscreen and stadium seats and head that way bright and early. The other big highlight of the month was a quick trip to central Illinois to celebrate Leslie's Uncle John Collins' 85th birthday.  He planned it himself so there'd be no surprises. Greg Miller, Corsicana, TX drove up to look at Miss Patch and took her home. Neighbors Allen Sanders and Steve Bruner and Ben all went to the big sheep sale at Sedalia, MO. Folks there's more below. Happy Independence Day - every day.  Thank you to all our fighting men and women and our veterans.

May 2008 - Thanks for your calls to make sure we were in one-piece after the devastating tornado damage to families in Craig and Ottawa counties right before Mother's Day.  Just about 8 miles or so north of us the tornado started moving eastward.  May has been hectic.  Oldest grandson, Dustin Angel graduated from Pittsburg State University, Kansas.  Brother Bernard came over to spend the day.  Ben's been manning the welcome post and checking out dogs.  Since he was working too he didn't get pictures of everyone who stopped in and/or brought dogs.  Leslie is double-timing it at work until the AVCA hires a new secretary.  Training dogs have come and gone.  Ray Freeman (OK) picked up Kate.  Ronald Kirby (MO) dropped off his female for training.

February - April 2008 - Bet you thought we weren't ever gonna change the home page pictures.  Seems like we've already squeezed several months into these 3.  The AVCA and Registry offices received new paint and flooring.  That was one of our biggest hurdles.  In fact the Registry offices aren't yet completed.  We had our bouts with achy flu and colds - seemed like they didn't go away. And the weather/winter never ended.  April has brought s-h-o-w-e-r-s.  It's soggy and muddy.  There are "low water bridges" where we haven't had them before!  So many of you have stopped in to visit, brought dogs for training and picked them up. All are appreciated.  Forgive us if you don't see your picture or name.  We've helped with the AVCA spring certification examinations and even made it up to Gordon and Pat Christiansen's in Durham, Kansas for their annual cow dog trial.  We saw some really good dogs. You can read more about that at  A few of you and/or your dogs are pictured.  Ed Hamersley (MO), L.R. Alenxander (MO), Eric Wanman (ID), Nicole Rhodes (IN), Dustin Evans (OK), Jim Etling (TX), Glenn Guttridge (TX), Steve Sturtz (TX).

January 2008 - As you can see, clean-up from the ice storm is still going on, but we're gaining.  Ben works at it almost every day.  Goose hunting has been good.  Naw, Ben doesn't goose hunt.  Neighbors Jamie and his son Jacob do.  Dr. Liz Fullbright, Cross 7 Vet, got a new Standard Poodle pup.  We've had some folks in and out looking at dogs and dropping dogs off for training. The Martin Herron family, Quapaw, Oklahoma took home Brazos.  Ben's started Angel and Tom early.  Tom already went to Gary McGee, Vinita, Oklahoma and Gary's using him on his goat herd.  Lambing has started and the temperatures continue to go up and down.  Ben's started throwing on a green log or two from the recently cut wood.  We've been through a lot of wood this winter.  But we figure each day gets us that much closer to spring.  We hope all of you are faring well, too.

2007 PSD Visitors

December 2007 - Wow !  This year will be remembered as the year of ice storms.  We had a little of the January and February storms, but very little time without electricity and water.  This December one wreaked havoc on our corner of Oklahoma.  Our power went off in the wee hours of December 8th and came back on mid-afternoon December 16th.  Some folks have just now had theirs restored and others are still waiting.  Our outage was simply an "inconvenience" as we counted our blessings with a wood stove, propane water heaters, oil lamps and rural water.  We did suck it up a little on the 3rd or 4th day when the water stopped, but they had it running again by late afternoon.  Our neighborhood spent most of the time checking on each other.  Some had generators and when they could, shared them. To be honest, we had mixed emotions when the lights came back on.  Thanks to all who stopped in, called and sent cards this holiday season.  We appreciate you.

October - November 2007 - Where do the days go?  The time change really shortened our work day....or, made us get up earlier?  We're still confused.  Ben's kept busy training outside dogs, hauling in firewood, inspecting and fixing all those little things to get us ready for winter.  John and Karen Tate, Seneca, Missouri have been over a couple times.  Allen Sanders, Bluejacket, Oklahoma has been in and out and about.  He and Ben went to the OKC and Tulsa State Fair Cattle Dog Trials and leaving Thanksgiving weekend for Steve Sturtz's in San Angelo, Texas.  More dog trading.  Son Blaine, wife Karen and grandsons A.J. and Joseph got to visit in October.  Leslie spent a week in Houston the first part of November at the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association annual conference.  Everyone's been in and out, bringing and picking up dogs.  Bill Hannan, Trezevant, Tennessee and John and Misty Tutor, Demascus, Arkansas. Matt and Liz Fullbright purchased a place north of Vinita on Highway 2 for their Cross 7 Veterinary Clinic.  The big move was mid October.  Happy Veteran's and Thanksgiving Days !!  Safe travel.

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